‘Christmas miracle’: Adoption event unexpectedly leads to missing dog reuniting with her family

If you believe then your Christmas wish will come true. Recently the Christmas miracle happened to a family who lost their dog a long time ago.

In June Pasadena Animal Shelter welcomed a dog named Gertie. But the poor dog wasn’t adopted for a long time and became one of the long-stay dogs of the shelter. No one understood why this dog stayed so long as she was a very positive and playful dog. Every time you saw her you would notice her ear-to-ear smile.

But at Christmas a miracle happened. A pastor saw the dog and recogized her immediately. It wa sthe missing dog of a family taht was attending the church- the Aldape family. The family longed for their dog and wished that the dog returned as soon as possible.

The pastor called and the family rushed to check. They were thrilled to meet their dog after such a long time.

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