Great Dane who was rescued after weeks stranded on island finds a forever home

Zaria is a 2-year-old Great Dane who got lost in the middle of Cranberry Lake, in Clare County, Michigan, back in August.

Clare County Animal Control began searching for the dog. but Zaria was frightened and escaped every time the rescuers tried to catch her. However, the dog was soon found and had to undergo a long period of treatment.

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Zaria was taken to a dog rehabilitator who fed Zaria a regimen of small meals to help her healthily regain her weight. As the dog had to take the recovery every three months during the year her owners surrendered her hoping for a more attentive and caring owner for Zaria. So she was given to adoption.

According to a Facebook post by the Humane Society of Midland County, their shelter director, Beth took Zaria in as a foster dog but this was a foster failure. Beth fell in love with Zaria and soon took her to her home as a lovely pet. Now she is enjoying her life with Beth’s 6 other dogs. Her new owner slightly changed her name to “Zara.”

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