Dog in Horrific Condition Cries After Receiving Sustenance for the First Time in Weeks, but a Happy Ending Was Waiting for Him

Arhat was a gentle giant who was lying in front of a door in the street without anyone around to care for him.

The poor dog was spotted by the neighbors and they called the rescue team as the poor dog was too weak to even stand and walk. As soon as the rescuers arrived they immediately took him to the vet. It turned out that his vertebra was developed unevenly seriously impacting his quality of life. But he told that he couldn’t operate as the problem was congenital and surgery couldn’t be performed.

But the new adopters of Arhat had other plans. they took a dog named Tagir and their recovery journey began. The dogs had to play together, and walk until Arhat would be able to walk alone. Soon, with the help and love of his new owners the dog was ready, u run all by himself.

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