98-year-old bonds with owl that visits every day but says the owl is a sign of something bigger

Ranna is still meeting new friends at the age of 98.

An owl that frequently visits her home in Scottsdale, Arizona has recently grown to be her best buddy.

Ranna, however, thinks that the owl’s appearance is a unique sign from above.

The owl, in her opinion, is a message from her deceased spouse.

On the exact second anniversary of her husband’s memorial service, the owl first came on Ranna’s balcony.

The owl adores speaking with Ranna.

On occasion, he will spend the entire day sitting on her balcony, trying to jump onto her lap.

Shai Ward, Ranna’s granddaughter, thought the connection between Ranna and the owl was amazing.

She captured it on camera and posted it online, where it eventually went viral. Shai may be seen in the video approaching the owl on the porch.

“Check out my grandmother’s regular visitor. She greets the owl with “Oh hi.”

She said, “My granny gets to hang out with this guy once in a while.”

The owl then performs a cute little head wiggle.

We believe he to be my grandpa, said Shai. Because, why wouldn’t he be, I hear you ask.

After that, the owl gives her a look up.

“My grandparents were close friends who held one another in the utmost regard. You felt the love around them and from them,” Shai said, according to Good News Network.

Amazingly, the owl allows you to approach him fairly closely.

He doesn’t “chat” to Shai, but he speaks extensively with Ranna.

Ranna approaches the owl directly and begins to hoot at him, drawing a response from him.

Shai remarked, “Every time he sees her, he simply starts chatting.” “Really, it’s the coolest thing,” someone said.

Ranna cherishes her time with her owl pal. They seem to have a close relationship.

Those eyes, I just can’t get over them. She asks her fellow owl, “What do you see up here?” You won’t tell me, are you? OK.”

Shai, though, isn’t shocked that the owl liked her grandmother.

“My grandmother is the most loving person. She is a fervent Catholic who credits the higher force with everything that has happened in her life, Shai said. “Her wit and sass prove that 98 is but a number… and because of how adorable she and my grandpa’s connection was, our entire family just cherished them as one.

Owls often avoid humans and prefer to be alone. particularly the more compact kinds.

It’s a case of “You don’t bother me, I don’t bother you.” However, larger owls may be more accepting to people. They frequently reside close to populated areas so they can consume nocturnal rodents.

But the bond between Ranna and her owl seems to be a very peculiar circumstance.

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