A policeman pulls over to chat with an adorable baby owl.

On a sunny day, two Boulder County police officers were traveling along a rural road.

Everything seemed normal until they noticed the little animal lying down in in the center of the road.

They initially had trouble determining what they were seeing. They then drew somewhat nearer.

They were observing a young owl.

It was a young Northern Saw-Whet Owl, to be exact.

The owl appeared to be a little disoriented.

One of the deputies went up to Owl in order to ensure that she could off the road safely.

The deputy started talking to the little owl as she got closer to it.

The deputy said, “Hey.” What’s going on?

The young owl was startled to hear a human speaking to her and began to turn her head in the sweetest patterns.

The deputy could not contain his laughter.

The owl’s eyes expanded as she repeated her greeting. She was obviously enjoying herself immensely as she spoke with the deputy.

After the deputy finished recording, she and her partner persuaded the owl to move out of the road. The owl took off for safety.

The incident was reported by Boulder County PD.

In the description of the film, the police department included some background information about the owl.

The Northern Saw-whet Owl is a little owl with a cat-like face, an enormous head, and brilliant yellow eyes that virtually burst with attitude. Because of its vertically asymmetrical ears and unusually shaped ear apertures, it possesses extremely sophisticated hearing, they wrote.

These owls mostly hunt at night and dawn, and they frequently employ the “sit and wait” strategy to descend from low hunting perches onto prey that is on the ground. Maybe this small fellow is setting a trap for you.

The images are too adorable.

The Boulder Police Department shared pictures on Facebook after the owl had been rescued from the middle of the road.

“This baby Northern Saw-Whet Owl stopped our deputies in their tracks as they were driving. It flew safely away after some odd head twisting (on both sides), the Boulder Police Department said on Facebook.

The article gained more than 10,000 shares in a short period of time. Additionally, the deputy’s video went viral and has now received over seven million views.

It seems like everyone thought this was hilarious.

Many users on Facebook conjectured what the owl was saying to the deputy. They developed some amusing concepts.

In the YouTube comments for the video, there were numerous owl jokes.

This tiny fella certainly caught the attention of the internet, receiving everything from adulation and awe to jokes and quotations.

Everything about the video is fantastic, from the deputy’s solemn demeanor to the owl’s expressiveness.

Want to laugh? That’s it.

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