Andrea Bocelli’s kids steal hearts singing Christmas song in Italian

Families come together to celebrate Christmas on December 25, which is known as “The Most Special Day” of the year.

How appropriate, then, that a father sings with his children and broadcasts it to the world?

But because this family has talent, it works.

It almost seems as though the Bocelli family was given an extra talent boost while they were being created.

We all agree that it is unfair, yet we each have our unique talents.

The family collaborated and put out “A Family Christmas,” their first joint CD.

The Bocelli family states, “We are offering our tiny, personal, and heartfelt present to anyone who chooses to experience the music of Christmas in the Bocelli home.”

The album’s 12th track, “Il Giorno Più Speciale,” was written by Andre, Matteo, and Virginia.

Given that you can play it every December for a very long time, it is unquestionably worth the investment.

Additionally, the music video is rather simple, showing dad Andrea seated in front of a piano with his children around.

Lights! Christmas lights aplenty!

Italian is now used for the lyrics, yet this gifted family is singing,

How many windows are there?
Size of the colorant

White light illuminates the streets.
Lights up the streets with white.

Something is in the air.
Something is in the air.

Unique that transforms you
Specially that you change

It also lights up your heart (E ti riaccende il cuore).

Throughout the entire planet
In every corner of the world

Every face, every tongue
Every language, every word

No need for language
There are no paroles.

To describe it in more detail: Per spiegare cos’è

To experience its warmth and meaning
To experience the senses and the heat

Of ethereal tones
Delnote long note

A tune to hum
An instrumental song

Day after Christmas (Il giorno di Natale)

Christmas has the appeal of being essentially the same celebration no matter where you are in the world.

The beauty of music is that, despite the lyrics being in a different language, anyone can finally understand them. Join in the song!

The way Andrea, Matteo, and Virginia combine their voices is astounding.

Nobody is leading the song or being left behind. What a beautiful symphony.

“Andrea, Matteo, and Virginia Bocelli’s voices have the warmth of a Christmas night. How lovely they are to hear and behold!” exclaims a delighted observer.

Thanks to Matteo and Virginia, the Bocelli name will continue for another two generations.

It’s holiday magic, which Andrea himself finds to be quite enjoyable.

He will undoubtedly establish this as an annual custom, which his children will hopefully carry on in the future.

Matteo and Virginia’s softer aesthetic stands in contrast to Andrea’s distinctive tone, which is frequently powerful and sharp.

A beautiful blending of voices from the same family.

Nothing compares to the grace and love of a family during the holidays. I hope the same for you.

This Bocelli special is shown in the video below.

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