Cat melts hearts trying to understand how memory foam works

Cat videos are incredibly cute and frequently go viral. However, one cat video in particular has amassed over 129 million views since going viral. It’s simple to understand why; it’s undoubtedly the prettiest video out there.

The video’s basic idea is that a cat is playing with a memory foam bed.

It was laundry day at Mike Bowers’ house, and the bed had been made without its linens, according to Newsflare.

And as everyone is aware, cats love nothing more than to roll around on an uncovered mattress (and then freshly laundered sheets).

Winston, the cat owned by Bowers, wanted to get up on the bed but was surprised to find that the top layer was made of blue memory foam, something he had obviously never encountered before.

And, to be really honest, his response isn’t that far from what a person feels the first time they play with memory foam!

Let’s face it, it’s amazing to watch your hand scuff the foam before it instantly springs back into place.

We can be merely readily amused at times. And for Winston, that was especially true.

The cat was entranced by the impressions his pawprints left in the foam as he pawed his way around the bed.

And the fact that he could see them vanish shocked him even more. Winston wondered what the earth was going on as he examined his paw.

He was unsure of what was causing his paws to sink, according to Bowers.

Winston flinches back as the memory foam takes on a lifelike appearance and regains its shape.

It’s funny enough to watch multiple times for whatever reason.

The original video became popular on Reddit and other YouTube channels in addition to receiving over 129 million views since it was posted to Bowers’ YouTube channel in January 2018.

And the fact that the video was only 15 seconds long left everyone feeling rather let down.

“I could keep watching this for hours. I would like a series. Three seasons of 14 one-hour episodes looks about right. A Redditor commented that the plot arc would be truly set off by introducing fresh characters.

You’re in luck if you’re craving more kitties on memory foam. On YouTube, “Cats on memory foam” is a distinct genre!

The only drawback of these movies is that they rarely last longer than 30 seconds due to how terrified the cats are by the “alive” foam and how quickly they jump down.

In case your desires are not satisfied by watching more brief films, the YouTube channel Kittisaurus has 3 minutes worth of luring cats onto memory foam available.

It appears that placing it on the floor is the secret. And by “key,” we mean if your sole objective is to somewhat terrify your cat.

Nobody really knows why it’s so funny, but it doesn’t matter that much. One commenter (and the great majority of YouTube users) succinctly put it this way:

Want to watch a cat on memory foam? Go to YouTube.
32,000,000: “Yes, I do,”

It’s incredible that the 32 million comments have increased by almost 100 million. It just proves how devoted cat lovers are!


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