Couples card gets repeatedly declined with cart full of kids presents so stranger pipes up “I’ll pay for it”

Some people ask for blessings, while others pray for them. Some people unite after sending blessings. (Joyce C. Lock)

Even a few days before Christmas, shoppers are still in a rush. It’s hardly shocking to see customers joyfully stocking their trolleys with gifts, food, and toys.

It’s wonderful to see that everyone is still in the holiday spirit.

On December 19, 2021, Ben Hendley visited the Canton, Texas, Walmart.

According to him, he does this every year, so he went out to purchase his Santa gear. Ben had to wait in line behind a cashier because he was unable to use the self-checkout option.

He suddenly caught a familiar tone. It was a card that was repeatedly denied.

He observed a couple standing by for their card to be read with patience.

And while they make their way to their family gathering, this couple (from Fort Worth, Texas) is trying to buy gifts for their children (they live2 hours away). And his card is turned down. Again. And once more,” Ben wrote.

You know the feeling when your card gets declined, and people are waiting in line. It was a stressful event for the couple who just wanted to buy gifts.

As it turned out, Ben wasn’t the only one who heard the card reader beeping.

The woman in front of Ben heard the card reader’s sound and acknowledged it.

What do you know? Christmas is here! The woman in front of Ben said, “I’ll pay for it.

Everyone was in disbelief.

Although he was ashamed, the man was speechless. It wasn’t long until his wife responded to the woman.

“Oh, no! You might not be aware of the cost of this! The man’s wife replied, grinning, “Let me see if I can put it on my credit card. RTISEMENT

Sadly, the card was once again refused when they tried again.

Ben claims that it was later discovered that the card reader was broken.

It costs a few hundred bucks. So? I’ve been blessed by God, therefore I’m going to bless you, too. The gracious Mississippian identified herself as Joyce Hargrave Felton.

However, the wife attempted to object, “Ma’am.”

It was reasonable. They felt awkward accepting the lovely woman’s gift because it was such a large sum for them. v

“Hush. I’d prefer not to hear any more. Joyce grinned and took out her card, saying, “I’ve got this.

The amount costs a few hundred dollars, so the wife still wanted to respectfully decline, “But it’s more than.”

I could care less. I’m going to bless you like God has blessed me, Joyce said as she went on to pay for everything.

Everyone who saw this lovely deed of charity grinned and was filled with joy.

Ben was in disbelief.

He snapped a picture and saved it. Then he went to the parking lot after Joyce. He was curious about this individual.

Her license plate read “GOD SNT,” which Ben noticed.
What are the possibilities?

Ben chose to publish the tale and the picture. It immediately spread online and got to Joyce.

On December 22 of last year, Joyce tagged Ben in the news article she shared.

Her Facebook caption stated as follows:

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