Husky meets his male puppy for the first time and they’re two peas in a pod

A father and son have an unbreakable bond.

Even animals have this unique bond with their young.

When Gohan finally meets his boy dog, watch his reaction.

A Siberian Husky is Gohan.

On his YouTube channel, he enjoys posting about his trips.

After his favorite childhood program, his owner gave him that name.

He also discusses his family’s life and experiences with them.

He is thrilled to have reached a new life milestone.

Gohan will enjoy himself.

The video begins with Gohan’s owner telling him about a surprise.

What awaits him is a mystery to him.

Gohan will finally have his first encounter with his son.

His puppy was scooped up by his owner.

The puppy resembles his father a lot.

After weeks of anticipation, Gohan’s owner is thrilled about their meeting.

The male puppy asked the woman who was his dad’s owner.

He is unaware that his father is already waiting for him.

Finally, the father and son connect.

Gohan catches his first glimpse of his baby.

The male puppy startled the new father when he saw him.

Gohan is unfamiliar with his new position and is unsure of how to respond.

To learn more about the male puppy, he sniffs him.

He is always by his side.

Gohan keeps an eye on him even though it’s unusual to have his pet around.

Additionally, he follows him wherever he chooses to go.

Afraid that something might happen to his little one, Gohan makes sure he knows where he is.

He is a devoted and protective father to his pup.

They finally warmed up.

After some time of being together, the father and son were able to bond.

The two Husky were no longer strangers to each other.

The dog recognizes Gohan’s existence and contribution to his life.

Gohan finally felt comfortable around the new dog and let him come near to him.

They engaged in joint play.

Gohan was successful in engaging his son.

The puppy and his father started to play.

The young father is kind to his child and lets him play merrily close to him.

In order to protect the puppy from harm as they play, Gohan is being cautious.

The owner of Gohan adores them both.

He displays his affection for the fresh pup.

He has earned Gohan’s deep gratitude for showing his kid love.

To feel accepted in his new home, he even frequently strokes his head.

The new puppy enjoys getting to know his family.

He could sense the affection his owner and father have for him.

He exudes a sweet confidence.

The infant Husky was able to confidently navigate the house.

The father and son’s warmth was evident to everybody who saw the video.

One of them wrote in a comment,

The calmest husky I’ve ever seen must be Gohan. Crazy how calm you were when meeting the new puppy!

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