Jennifer Nettles silences the room with powerful Christmas mashup

There is a reason why holiday tunes become classics. There are just some songs that you feel like you need to listen to during a particular season in order to get in the mood.

Holiday favorites are great since there are so many options for remixing and reinterpreting them.

So many of our favorite holiday songs have been performed by a variety of singers, each of them added their own unique style to the tunes.

Now that the Christmas season has arrived, it’s time to take a look at one of the best holiday song covers ever made.

There are some songs to which almost everyone can relate.

Although you might not be familiar with Leonard Cohen, everyone is familiar with the song “Hallelujah.”

The song that makes reference to the Canadian singer-Jewish songwriter’s roots was initially released in 1984.

It has been covered by a variety of artists throughout the years, including Jeff Buckley, The Pentatonix, and John Cale.

The most well-known rendition of this song is probably the one by Jeff Buckley, although each performer has given it their own unique spin and sense of significance.

The holiday hymn “O Holy Night” is another classic.

This song, which was composed by Adolphe Adam in 1847, has been performed by Mariah Carey and Josh Groban and receives a lot of airplay as a result.

These songs have a certain quality that encourages listeners to sing and reinterpret them repeatedly.

Jennifer Nettles is a musician who you may recognize from the group Sugarland.


For years, this country music duet has been scoring big singles. Jennifer Nettles has a successful solo music career in addition to her work in the band.

She once visited the Sirius XM studios and had the opportunity to showcase her skills. She did a live performance in the studio that was ideal for the Christmas season.

Her rendition pays beautiful homage to both tunes.

She gives these two rural interpretations of two holiday favorites her all.

Nettles excels at infusing her songs with unadulterated emotional intensity.

She uses an alto tone and exhibits a pronounced vibrato in this performance. Her voice is highlighted by the presence of only a guitarist.

These tracks aren’t frequently combined.

In this mashup, nettles are an unusual coupling, yet they get along well.

She opens with a forceful rendition of “O Holy Night,” and as she sings Cohen’s tender and reflective “Hallelujah,” her voice becomes softer.


Nettles concludes the two songs with a brief holiday greeting once she has finished singing. Despite being a small crowd, the Sirius XM radio station’s listeners spontaneously applaud and clap.

Everyone is feeling joyful after listening to this holiday mashup.

Everyone in the over 2,000 comments and over 6 million views on the YouTube video agrees that this performance is stunning.

It’s become a holiday favorite for many folks.

Someone writes:

She feels the music as well as singing it. Every time I hear it, it moves me.

While another person claims:

What an amazing performance. She sings from the depths of her soul. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Jennifer singing O Holy Night. Simply brilliant!

I don’t know what will if the video below doesn’t make you feel festive!

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