Orangutan mama proudly shows off her brand new baby after giving birth

We rejoice in life, especially when a new baby is welcomed.

Babies provide the family so much happiness and optimism. They represent the same thing. Due to this symbolism and the promise that something greater is in store for people around them, births are a significant event.

Animals exhibit the same behavior.

Given that most animals have several births, people rarely draw attention to animal births. However, this does not imply that it is any less valuable or significant. Celebration is still in order because, like human births, animal births represent hope.

more so in the case of extinct or endangered species of animals.

Wild creatures whose populations have drastically declined are known to exist. As the years go by, the grownups get older and pass away from old age, leaving fewer younger ones. Only a matter of time remains.

Because of this, the birth of this Bornean orangutan was reason for celebration.

In 2015, Kitra was relocated from the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo to the Oregon Zoo at the age of just fourteen. Since then, she has received exceptional care and welfare attention from the zoo.

The World Wildlife Fund claims that Bornean orangutans are currently an endangered species.

Over the previous century, fewer have existed. About 104,700 people live there as per the most recent estimate, and they are currently listed as endangered. With only 7,500 remaining in the wild, its cousin species, the Sumatran Orangutan, is more scarce and is therefore regarded as severely endangered.

The birth of Kitra, however, recently offered some hope.

Around 11 a.m. on April 13, the zookeepers arrived at Kitra. Knowing the importance of this birth to the entire species, they stayed by her side.

Kitra made sure the infant kept close as soon as it was let outside.

This touching video demonstrates how Kitra held her baby close and adored cuddling with her infant. You can’t help but fall in love when you see these two.

Motherhood seemed to be going so beautifully for Kitra.

“It’s wonderful to watch Kitra caring for her child so well. We’re being extremely cautious and providing her as much quiet time as we can because there are still a lot of potential outcomes, according to Kate Gilmore, one of the zoo’s primate section caregivers.

Since Kitra became pregnant, the caregivers have been watching her.

They prepared her for volunteer ultrasounds and kept an eye on her general health the entire time. They also used a stuffed orangutan to teach her how to handle and feed her infant.

But which is it—a boy or a girl?

Staff members couldn’t yet tell. They stated that they wouldn’t know for a few weeks. Actually, it doesn’t matter as long as the infant is in its mother’s capable care.

They are quite similar to how human moms care for their children, as you can see in the video.

Asaba Mukobi, a senior keeper at the Oregon Zoo, claimed that 98% of the DNA in orangutans and humans is same. This is another reason why people have intense feelings when they see orangutans in zoos.

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