Realtor shares photo of purple kitchen and the online community is divided

Would you use purple in your kitchen despite how wonderful it is?

Home décor is quite subjective.

What some people find lovely, others may find to be a complete nightmare.

However, be ready for your friends and family to offer you their honest assessment. Home is where we can allow our unique flair and ingenuity flourish.

This is particularly valid when selecting a striking hue like purple.

Tim Sewell, a realtor, was astounded by the feedback after posting a picture of a purple kitchen on his Facebook page.

Just one post with the caption “Thoughts?”

This sparked a discussion on a pretty intriguing color choice online.

Despite the fact that the majority of remarks were a mix of revulsion and uncertainty, some were able to go from astonishment to acceptance.

Anything that makes you happy, right? Some people find it simple to accept this, but for others, a Barney-colored kitchen is a hard sell.

Do you feel delighted or scared when you see this purple kitchen? This is a kitchen that only a select few might truly enjoy, whether it makes you think of a Teletubby or everyone’s favorite dinosaur.

However, some people do.

The strange tint of the kitchen was the subject of much conversation. Both positive and negative feedback about the unique color choice poured in. Who would have thought that a purple kitchen could unite so many people?

It goes without saying that purple has a lot of power. Online commenters quickly shared their frank comments.

“Would get pretty old on day two,” one person said.

The remarks have only grown funnier.

It would be a hit with my granddaughter.

A commenter stated her granddaughter would be happy with a purple kitchen but it wasn’t for her.

Although it may have a juvenile appearance, purple is a happy hue. It takes a lot of guts to decide to add purple to any area in a house.

It is not for the weak of heart, and the majority of web users seem to agree that it may not be the ideal option for your upcoming kitchen remodel.

Purple sure knows how to get people’s attention.

Sewell revised his article.

He added, “This blew up fast! “, to the caption. I appreciate the love and sharing. If you like my page, I’ll provide more entertaining housing content. – Jim Sewell on Facebook.

He might have been surprised that his message went viral, but I think all of us were much more surprised by the image he uploaded.

Not for the weak or gentle, purple.

“The color purple is frequently linked with royalty, aristocracy, elegance, power, and ambition,” says Wealth, extravagance, creativity, knowledge, dignity, grandeur, devotion, tranquility, pride, mystery, independence, and magic are some meanings associated with the color purple.

It is claimed to produce feelings of spirituality, sensitivity, inventiveness, and creativity and has a very intriguing influence on the mind and body.

Why not have a purple exterior?

Despite the internet’s horror at the purple kitchen, pastel color schemes are frequently used by homeowners to paint their houses.

Purple is a striking color that can make a statement in either direction.

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