Stray cat begs to be let inside home then soon goes into labor

Cats are strong, robust, and self-aware animals that take great pride in who they are.

If a cat loves you, it may rub up against you and expose its belly; if not, be ready for hisses, swipes, and possibly even fangs.

A man wasn’t sure what to think when one stray cat arrived at his front door and began meowing.

The man decided to allow the cat inside and observe what happened because she seemed friendly.

She rushed over to him and began to stroke his knees with her head in a gesture of thanks.

The man decided that if the cat wanted to stay, he would take care of her because she seemed to fit in with the family very well.

The cat gradually became more a part of the house over the next few days as they adapted to one another’s presence.

But the new cat owner soon discovered that his dearest buddy was sleeping more and gaining weight.

He quickly recognized that his new roommate was expecting a baby and would likely give birth shortly.

The expecting mother was aware of her pregnancy and wanted to ensure that her unborn children were secure and comfortable from the start.

And that’s exactly what occurred; a few days later, the man returned home to the sounds of mewing and little squeaks.

Three small fresh kittens arrived in the house shortly after the cat delivered her litter successfully.

The father started seeking for other families who would like to adopt a kitten after realizing he wouldn’t be able to care for 4 cats. Before long, each of the kittens had new homes set up for them.

The Pet Keen website and numerous other sources state that kittens should not be separated from their mother for at least 12 weeks.

The man took care of all 4 cats for the following three months, watching the kittens develop into robust, healthy newborns.

They were soon on their way to their new homes, allowing the mother cat to begin living a life of leisure rather than being always on guard for her young.

She was content with the way things had worked out and was now a healthy and content house cat.

We must do everything in our power to protect the many stray cats that are out on the streets and to contribute to the reduction of the cat population.

Helping a stray is never a bad idea, whether it involves laying out food and water or building small shelters out of insulated coolers.

However, taking them to a veterinarian so they may be examined carefully and neutered is the greatest thing you can do for them.

Then, you can either adopt them and take them into your home, or you can release them back where you found them.

Even while cats occasionally exhibit a certain amount of pride and aloofness, there is nothing more relaxing than running your hands through their velvety fur as they snooze on your lap while purring loudly.

Watch the video below to see the gorgeous mother and her adorable children.

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