This hardworking 72-year-old truck driver receives a Christmas miracle from an unknown Santa: he finally can retire

Met Carl from east Idaho who was a 72-year-old bus driver. Though the old man would have retired 37 years ago he still needed to work to make both ends meet.

The man underwent 3 periods of COVID-19 but still hastened to wake up at 2 AM to do his usual work. He lost his wife in 2010 but still wanted to continue living as he had kids and grandchildren who needed him. He tried to help his children and grandchildren as much as he could.

But once a miracle happened. Carl got a box from Secret Santa for Idaho residents, he was “overwhelmed” as he truly needed it so much. There was an overall of $2000-worth gift cards, and a $10,000 check. Carl was too excited to comment on this kindest deed but as he needed this he took and thanked those who sent the money. Now the man could easily retire and live his golden years in peace.

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