Gentle and loving horse teaches a sad and neglected horse how to play

Often it is the youngest who learn lots o things from older ones. But sometimes it is the opposite. The older can learn many new and innovative things from the elder too.

The same happens with animals too. Phantom was a gentle giant who was just 7 years old. But the horse had a great energy and acted like a young fawn. Whenever you meet Phantom he would make you happy.

The Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue (GGDHR) has been rescuing horses that suffer from or are potential for abuse. Recently Phantom welcomed a new horse and knew that he had a mission to complete.

Teton was a shy horse who suffered a lot. He was in his late 30s and Phantom should help the horse overcome his anxiety. Phantom fulfilled his mission perfectly.

After a few days, Teton became a friendly and positive horse who created a strong bond with Phantom.

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