“Never had plastic surgery!” – Victoria Beckham, who has changed beyond recognition, denies the fact of being operated.

Many celebrities resort to the help of plastic surgeries in the hope of prolonging their youth and beauty. However, the 48-year-old Victoria Beckham denies the fact that she has ever been operated on.

Victoria and David Beckham Show PDA on Instagram | POPSUGAR Celebrity

Bur recently her fans noticed that she has changed a lot and become unrecognizable. Her fans claimed that she changed her lips making them bigger.

Gloria - Beckhamovi u Hrvatskoj: Odsjeli su u luksuznom zdanju na Lopudu, u  restoranu su imali samo jedan zahtjev

Netizens compare the archive photos of Victoria Beckham and the difference is obvious. The star probably used the services of surgeons and cosmetologists.

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