A man believed the rumors and began excavating in his yard

John Sims of Arizona, USA, finally managed to buy his house. He was saving up money and bought the house from his acquaintance.

John’s acquaintance told that the house had a secret and he was told by another previous owner. However, John didn’t pay much attention.

But when he moved the neighbors kept telling the same. John had gathered little money for a repair but decided to reveal the secret. He bout a metal detector and began investigating his yard. There he found a carefully hidden manhole. John called a man and they opened up the huge hole that led them to a staircase. It was exciting to look at what was inside.

And John discovered a shelter that was built in case of a nuclear war between Russia and the United States during the Cold War. So John told about it to his neighbors and they gladly visited the underground shelter as a museum.

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