A Swedish woman had 17 operations to become a cartoon character

Pixie Fox dreamed of becoming like Jessicca Rabbit or other cartoon characters from early childhood.

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The girl had 17 operations to make her wish come true. After removing 6 of her ribs Pixie lookedlike a Barbie Doll with a thin waist.

However, it didn’t end tere as she claimed that she was going to make her 35-centimeters waist even thinner and wanted to be the owner of the thinnest waist in the world.

She spent a total of $120,000 on all the surgeries. When people came over to her in teh streets and told that she looked like a barbie or other cartoon character she became the happiest person ever.

Pixie Fox, la bimbo qui voulait ressembler à une héroïne de cartoon : Femme  Actuelle Le MAG

She said that she wanted to have a thin waist, big boobs, big ees and a beautiul face like other cartoon characters. But some of her followers said taht she should finish her operations and see a psychologist who would treat her better.

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