Tiny black and white kitten runs up to rescuer on street and begs for help

Imagine you are walking down the street and suddenly the cutest kitten in the world was coming closer with begging eyes and asking for help. First of all, you will look around to find its mother, but when you don’t see anyone around you understand that you are the only one that this tiny kitten can rely on.

But if you can’t keep the little one at your home then there is another option. You can take it to the nearest shelter or animal center just like the rescuers od Fabio did.

Fabio was a black and white kitten who was found on the road with no one around. So teh warm-hearted couple took him to the nearest shelter where he was diagnosed with an eye infection. However, the vets gave him the reight treatment and soon he was ready to meet his foster parents. After a while, Fabio would be ready to be put to adoption and find a forever home.

So if you ever see a kitten or another animal in teh streets approaching you don’t stay indifferent. You may be the only one they can rely on.

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