Heartbroken pitbulls comfort each other after losing their dad then sing when they meet new family

Heartbroken Pitbulls find comfort in each other.

10-year-old Tonka and 2-year-old Little P were on an adventure with their human dad when an incredible accident happened.

Kris Busching had taken Tonka and Little P on their usual hikes but suddenly three of them fell from the edge of the cliff.

Kris tragically passed away and Tonka injured his leg. The dog waited patiently until rescuers arrived and saved them. As soon as they reached the hospital it turned out that Tonka broke his legs. Tonka had to stay at the hospital for a long time and get the proper treatment. All this time Little P was around him comforting and licking from time to time.

But soo Little P was taken to a foster family as he couldn’t stay at the hospital anymore.

Krist’s cousin Crysti took Tonka but then wanted that the dogs lived together as Kris would probably want the same.

So she managed to find a lovely couple  Heilea and Brandon who managed to keep the both. The dogs were excited to meet again and to live in the same apartment.

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