Gaspar was a great dog who lived a happy life full of joy and love before sadly passing away in the warm company of those he loved the most due to illness.

I treasure the time we spent together. Marcelo Rodriguez, Gaspar’s owner, wrote a poem with the dedication, “You will always be with us.
But the most emotional tribute to that beloved dog needed no words at all.
Although Gaspar and Rodrguez lived together, he frequently preferred Kaya, Rodrguez’s mother’s dog.

“We would get them together on the weekends to spend time together,” Rodriguez claimed. That was the start of their friendship. The relationship between Gaspar and Kaya was evident from their constant excitement. But it seems that their love went far deeper.

Gaspar and Kaya’s relationship would sadly eventually come to an end, as with all wonderful things. Gaspar lost his battle with kidney failure and died earlier this month. Because she knew how much her old friend meant to her, Kaya was given the chance to say her last goodbyes before his body was buried in Rodriguez’s backyard. Nobody, however, could have foreseen what would happen next.

As soon as Kaya saw the fresh mound of earth indicating Gaspar’s final resting place, she climbed on top as a last show of love for the soul she so much adored. Then, according to Rodriguez, she spent the whole morning on top of his grave. Kaya senses Gaspar’s ghost even though he is dead. not only in hers. In a short period of time, Rodrguez’s tweet about Kaya’s thoughtful act for Gaspar went viral and received over 100,000 likes and retweets. Many users expressed their feelings of emotion after reading about the dog’s touching farewell.

At Gaspar’s tomb, Kaya experienced a hushed moment that is still audible today. “Animals are superior entities that humans can never understand and that we do not deserve,” asserted Rodrguez.

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