Shelter dogs melt hearts picking out very first Christmas presents

The best season of the year is here. a season when we come together to celebrate with our loved ones and exchange gifts.

During the holidays, everyone deserves to feel that love, even shelter dogs. To ensure that their residents had a happy Christmas, the workers at Dog Trust Ireland’s shelter took special care of them.

The crew made a very nice gift for the puppies.

They filled a room with fantastic items and allowed each dog in to choose its own, rather than having to choose gifts for each pup and running the chance of them not enjoying their toy!

Start the games now!

These were some really content dogs, and every time one entered the room, it appeared as though they were in awe of all the toys.

They started sniffing and slobbering as they rushed around playing with whatever grabbed their attention the most and then scurrying off with it.

Three puppies from the shelter arrived at the same time.

Such a fantastic concept!

“We videotaped 35 dogs choosing toys and then spent (many) hours editing it to present the greatest replies,” the author writes. One or two preferred cuddles and pets to a toy. We didn’t have to worry about any of the dogs wanting the same toy because they were let in one at a time, the staff told Bored Panda.

Everything from large toys to small toys to squeaky toys to soft toys was available.

And many others, including Porkie, Happy, Esme, Kenneth, Max, Tiny, Buddy, Sidney, three puppies without names, ran joyfully through the paradise.

Fortunately, the shelter caught it on camera.

The season that is the best of the year

This ritual specifically started in 2018:

“In 2017, we made the decision to implement Secret Santa Paws for the dogs, where staff members purchased a gift especially for a long-term dog. We recorded it and had positive feedback. 2018 saw us trying something new, so once again the employees donated toys, but this time we figured the dogs might prefer to choose their own. The dogs were SO pleased as we lined them up, and it was the finest day ever to be there. As a result, we repeated the practice this year and merged staff toy donations with supporter donations from under our tree in the lobby, according to Dogs Trust Ireland.

Being able to watch these puppies run around the room is a gift in and of itself, especially in light of the fact that they will not be spending the holidays in loving homes..

The video demonstrates various strategies for “toy shopping.”

While some dogs, like Happy, promptly located their toy, they still skidded about the room while carrying it to play and have a peek at the other options.

Others, like Buddy, inspected each item carefully before marching off with the one they found most appealing.

Dogs like Esme took advantage of the opportunity to relax with their toys on the room’s large, red couch before leaving.

(And by comfortable, we mean that they had shaken it as hard as they could to make sure it was solid.)

Every year, the staff follows this custom, and the internet enjoys learning which toy each nice boy or girl chooses. Watching this video is just too cute.

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