The super talented trio took the stage to perform “The Prayer” by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion…

The incredibly skilled foursome performed “The Prayer” by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli on stage.

The justice and consultation were taken aback when three children took the stage of The Voice Kids to perform an epic strain by communication legends Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli. According to Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli, it’s one configuration to consult with adults, but children succeed here, and their endowment is undeniable.

During their performance on The articulation Kids, Matteo, Claudia, and Matteo Marcus perform the strain “The Prayer,” and it is clear that they are nervous. The possibility heavy metal begins as the camera pans transversely across each adolescent nightingale as they perform.

Claudia then begins the song, and the essential communication is beyond and beyond compare. The judges are impressed and the group keeps going. Before each nightingale enters with his part, the boys are so appropriately rotating and equally impressive that their parents cry backstage, and the consultation takes a seat on the edge of their chairs as the judge appears overcome with emotion. She was standing up when the entire trio of expressions amalgamated, clearly moved by this dramatic performance.

When they reach the examination note, the audience erupts, and the kids perform a mini encore! Surprisingly, the strain was originally canned in two separate parts, one in English by Dion and the other in Italian by Bocelli. In 1999, “The Prayer” won a prosperous environment award for out of this world contemporary strain and was nominated for an Academy Award for out of this world contemporary song.

Furthermore, he received a well-deserved Grammy award for Best Pop Communication Collaboration in 2000. Among the many criticisms left on the speech’s YouTube video were those who questioned how anyone could decide who would advance to the next round, with one person asking, “How could you choose between those three?” It was breathtakingly enjoyable. “I cried.


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