39 Years Ago, Her Father Forbade Her From Being With a Black Man – Today, They Finally Tied The Knot

In the late 1970s, Penny Umbers and Mark Bethel met at a private school in Nottingham, England.

The teenagers fell in love and exchanged various love letters, poems, and paintings. But there was a great obstacle to their future. Their families didn’t approve of their relationship. But Umbers was unknown of this fact.

Umbers was devastated she even attempted suicide and dropped out of college.

Years passed and each of them had their life separately. But miracles do happen.

In 2019 Umbers found Bethel on Facebook and theyr talked why they broke up. Bethel told that Umbers’ father was against their relationship because he was blak.

As their love hadn’t been faded away they became a loving pair again. Now aged 60 and 61 — finally reunited in June 2021 when Umbers flew to see Bethel in the Bahamas.

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