A pesioneer helped a herd of elephants and they did not forget the kind man. When he became very weak, the animals came to say goodbye to him!

In 1999, a man helped a herd of elephants in South Africa. No one could approach them and even the rangers are afraid.

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But this man managed to control the herd and rescue them. Soon he became older and older and the elephants came to visit their rescuer.

References | Lawrence Anthony

Lawrence Anthony knew that the elephants wouldn’t let anyone approach them. But they were stuck in a swamp and he couldn’t let them stay there for a long time. So the man began visiting the elephants day after day and bringing them food. The elephants got used to the man and soon let him help them. One after another the elephants came to the solid surface.

True Story of the Elephant Whisperer - Lawrence Anthony (Thula Thula) -  YouTube

Anthony remained in history as an “Elephant Whisperer.”

Lawrence Anthony, South African conservationist, dies at 61 - The  Washington Post

When the man became so weak that he couldn’t even come out of the house his relatives noticed almost 30 elephants near his window. The elephants came to say goodbye to their loyal friend.

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