Keanu Reeves Turned Up At Sandra Bullock’s Doorstep Unannounced With Champagne And Truffles After She Mentioned She’d Never Had Them

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock are two of the most beloved actors, recognized as much for their roles as their good deeds.

Sandra has been an active supporter of the American Red Cross, donating $1 million to the organization at least five times. Keanu, in his turn, supports several charities and has founded a private cancer foundation, which aids children’s hospitals.

They first met on the set of Speed, which came out in 1994. It’s an action thriller where the actors performed perfectly and became friends. Though they were lovers in the movie they decided to stay friends in real life.

Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves: Everything They've Said About Relationship

After the film aired, Sandra mentioned to Keanu how she’d never had Champagne or truffles. And as Keanu is a true gentlemen he couldn’t let this statement of the actress unnoticed.

Keanu Reeves Gifted Sandra Bullock Champagne and Truffles

A few days later, after declaring this fact about herself, Sandra was sitting in the living room of her first house with a girlfriend, painting their nails and relaxing when they heard some noise. It was Keanu’s motorcycle. He brought everything that Sandra hadn’t tried yet.

Keanu Reeves Turned Up At Sandra Bullock's Doorstep Unannounced With  Champagne And Truffles After She Mentioned She'd Never Had Them | Bored  Panda

In her turn, Sandra told that she tidied up Reeves’ home once a week: “I clean his house every Thursday. I lost a bet when we did Speed, and I said, ‘Well, if it’s not true, I’ll clean your house. I think I’ve done a pretty good job.”” So their frienship will probably last forever.

Keanu Reeves Brought Sandra Bullock Truffles And Champagne

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