“They were married for 25 years”: How Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife looks today

Maria Shriver had plenty of chances to become famous before she met “The Terminator.” And this question is still debatable who is further along the road to fame?

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver's Relationship Timeline

Maria is from the Kennedy family. She is the 35th niece of the American president. The family gave her the best education and hoped that she would become a politician like others in their family. But Maria chose a career in journalism and did great. She reached the position of NBS corresponder.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, ex-wife Maria Shriver are now officially divorced

In 1986 she and Arnold Schwarzenegger got married. They had 2 daughters and 2 sons.

Arnold Schwarzenegger celebrates Father's Day with his children and ex wife  Maria Shriver | Daily Mail Online

In 2003 Arnold became the governor of California and made her wife the First Lady of California. But their relationship lasted until the end of Arnie’s political career. Maria left him because of his relationship with their housekeeper who later gave birth to Arnold’s son.

Unforgivable': Arnold Schwarzenegger's ex-wife Maria Shriver's close friend  accused him of hiding an extramarital affair during their tough times -  Local News Today

Though Arnold wanted her to come back and begged her pardon the woman left after 25 long years. But it is still unknown whether the couple’s divorce has been finalized or not.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Wife Maria Shriver Looks Frantic During Call As  Divorce Settlement Talks Intensify

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