A 10-year-old cowboy’s dream is shattered when his hero pays him a surprise visit.

Two young boys in Las Vegas shared their dream of becoming professional bull riders as part of a school project. FOX5 learned about it and sent the FOX5 Surprise Squad to the boys’ homes to help them realize their dreams.

As children, Jay Kellogg and his sister Jet aspired to be skilled bull riders. Even in the absence of sports, they could only feel an adrenaline rush. Because their father was a skilled bull rider, these children enjoy riding bulls.

Jayce wrote a book message in which he expressed his desire to be a bull rider like his late father. The child proudly wore his father’s Texas-style hat. PBR collaborated with Fox Five News, which surprised two young PBR fans.

After learning about Jesse and Jet, the FOX5 Surprise Squad decided that they needed to do something special and wonderful for the young men, so he unexpectedly arrived at their home for a pleasant and shocking interview.

Three famous bulls were delivered to their driveway by the FOX5 Surprise Squad and the PBR group. The children were taken aback. They roused the bulls when they noticed someone had escaped from the truck.

When the man approached, the young people immediately recognized him as J. B. Mountain, the famous bull rider. The kids told Moon why they liked the games and thought he was as good as their father.

Mauni also gave the young people PBR tickets as a token of his appreciation. That night, they had to go to a show and watch Jamie being driven to a large field. You can tell that the two young men had a fantastic and happy day.

The children’s grandparents were exceptionally strong and imaginative. Their grandmother claims. “Of course, I recognize that God approaches children in a unique way. Their father looks after them and is overjoyed with their success.

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