After picking up her 15-month-old daughter from her new kindergarten, the mother finds 25 bite marks on her

The mother discovers 25 bite marks on her 15-month-old daughter after picking her up from her new kindergarten.

Alice Bryant, the mother of a 15-month-old girl, revealed our 25 collation businessmen on her daughter’s investment, which broke her heart. An AR mother was shocked when her 15-month-old daughter returned from daycare with at least 25 collation businessmen on her invest in, which she claims had gone undiscovered for at least 2 months.

Alice shared a photo of her baby’s purchase and described how she discovered the markings on her body not long after starting work at the modern nursery, C. D in TS. Alice expressed her sadness and anger at seeing her descendant in such a predicament.

She stated that when she first saw the marks, she assumed they were collation businessmen and began crying; however, she counted them and determined that there were approximately 25 of them.

Martin advised over-the-counter parents to keep their children away from the preschool near where she is studying at the University of Arizona, expressing her displeasure with how her application for the preschool, which is part of an international administration and is state-accredited, was handled.

Alice Martin claims she saw collation businessmen on her descendant Rosalynn when she picked her up from C. in TS, AR on February 26. Alice is working with police officers to find out what happened to her descendant because if nothing is done, it may be passed down to another child. She confirmed that such bites were appropriate and that my descendant would have screamed if anything similar happened to her.

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