Corvette Driver Shouldn’t Have Rolled Down Window & Flipped The Bird

A pickup truck was simply attempting to merge into the right lane when an easily irritated driver rolled down his window and decided to flip the guy the bird. That’s when he learned a harsh lesson he’ll never forget. It’s safe to say he’ll never make the same mistake again, but did he get what he deserved? You make the decision.

A red Corvette decided to learn road etiquette the hard way in a now-viral video shot in Tacoma, Washington. Few things are more irritating than drivers who show no regard for the other drivers with whom they share the road. So it’s easy to see why the driver of a Dodge pickup truck became increasingly irritated when all he wanted was to merge into the correct lane of traffic.

Instead of being allowed into the highway exit lane, he was met with an ignorant sports car driver. Rather than let the pickup over, the man rolled down the window of his red Corvette and gave the truck driver the middle finger. Fed up, the guy in the Dodge saw an opportunity to exact his road rage vengeance, and luckily for us, another driver’s dashboard-mounted camera captured it all.

When the driver of the red Corvette refused to let the truck into his lane and rolled down the window to give the man in the Dodge the finger, he left himself wide open — literally. After the Dodge driver positioned his vehicle just right and revved his engine in retaliation, blowing a tailpipe full of smoke right into the Corvette’s open window and into its driver’s face, he realized what a bad move he had made.

The man filming the video in the car behind the Dodge can be heard laughing as the smoke dissipates after about five seconds. After the thick, black cloud of smoke cleared, the person who was filming the video stated that the daring move had the desired effect. According to the Daily Mail, the driver of the Corvette let the truck in as a lesson learned.

“I was driving through traffic near Seattle when I noticed a Corvette refusing to let a Dodge merge into the lane, so the Dodge pulled alongside him,” the driver wrote when he posted the video online. “As the Corvette driver was rolling down his window and went to flip him off, the Dodge owner coaled him with so much smoke you couldn’t even see the driver in the car. He did eventually let the truck over.”

Stopping to let someone in or out of traffic takes only a few seconds. Unfortunately, far too many people are losing their courtesy, patience, and manners. As a result, it’s not surprising that other drivers occasionally react to selfishness by attempting to teach rude road ragers how to drive like a decent human being. But did this Dodge driver overreact?

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