He Had To Perform 5 Words From a 1966 Hit To Make The Judges to Hit Their Buzzers

It only took a few seconds to switch Jimi Bellmartin to the fourth seat. His song choice, ‘It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World,’ perfectly suited his and character, leaving the entire audience in awe of his pure, convincing performance.

The Voice Holland had a difficult competition going forwards with this male winning stage center at The Voice Senior. This sixty-nine-year-melody old’s now hits home, as if channeled from the spirit of the previous James Brown himself.

His vocal abilities carried him all the way to the finals, earning him the title of “hero” of The Voice Senior of Holland. His performances were consistently excellent, with his rendition of ‘To Devote Somebody’ earning him the title. Jimi Bellmartin is so beneficial that no one can deny his ability just by listening to him sing. He has the type of voice that appears to be higher quality. uncorrupted begins to characterize ‘It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World,’ as performed by this The Voice Senior of Holland competitor and potential show winner.

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