On ‘Britain’s Got Talent,’ a father sings about his missing son, leaving the audience in tears.

When faced with a terrible tragedy, finding others who have gone through similar experiences can provide comfort and hope. Missing People Choir members in the United Kingdom have lost children or loved ones.

They cheer each other on and explain that singing together strengthens them and is “good for the soul.” To spread their message, the choir members recently auditioned for “Britain’s Got Talent,” and the judges, including Simon Cowell, were blown away by the choir’s performance and positive message.

The choir performs “I Miss You,” a song written by one of the choir’s members, Peter Boxell. In 1988, Peter’s 15-year-old son went missing after a soccer match in South London. Peter remains optimistic that he will see his son again.

All of the judges are impressed when they finish, and many people in the audience are in tears.

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