Pilot surprises his mother in mid-flight over the loudspeaker and she bursts into tears

To be the mother of a pilot is not an easy job.

During the flight, it is common to hear the captain talking over the intercom, either to give directions to the passengers or to inform them about the status of the flight. It is a normal thing as they want to keep their passengers up to date.

But sometimes special messages are given for a birthday, a wedding anniversary, or even a marriage proposal. This is one of those cases where the message was sent by the pilot himself.

Michelle A. is a pilot who works for United Airlines and recently wanted to surprise his mother.

The pilot took the loudspeaker and said: “Today we have a special passenger! If you were a Capital Airlines flight attendant, could you raise your hand?”  His mother raised her hand and the message continued: “Because your son wants you to know that you are the best mom in the world.”

Soon the pilot appeared and came to hug her crying mother. She worked as a flight attendant 60 years ago for the now-defunct Capital Airlines before its merger with United Airlines. There she met Michael’s father who had been a pilot too.

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