The heavy problems of light weight: the girl who weighed only 23 kg

Many girls’ greatest desire is to have a perfect body like a model or to look no worse than pictures in luxury magazines.


They believe that eating nothing and remaining healthy is not a good deal. They begin by reducing food portions and then transition to only water. And the causes are a weakened immune system, exhaustion, and a variety of diseases that bring people to the doctor’s office.

Xenia went through a similar experience: she began to lose weight. And in her pursuit of a “ideal body,” she failed and broke every rule.

She started losing weight quickly ten years ago and looked like an alive skeleton.

She appeared on a TV show and requested assistance. She appeared to be a horror movie heroine. Her height was 158 cm, and she weighed only 23 kg.

Xenia moved slowly and carefully.

Her weight problem was so serious that her life was in jeopardy.

Fortunately, thanks to the professionals, they were able to restore Xenia’s health and she is no longer in danger.

After ten years, the girl gained weight and became noticeably prettier. She now works in a beauty salon, where she makes all women feel beautiful.

Xenia’s story concluded successfully, and she returned to her normal life.

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