The elderly widow was in a deep stress when all of a sudden the elk appeared at her window

Mette Kvam is an 81-year-old woman living in Aurland, Norway. The woman became lonely after the death of her husband. She was depressed as being alone at the house and feeling lonely is not an easy job.

But soon her loneliness was cut off by the visit of a fairy animal.

Mette’s house was in a mountainous area and the appearance of a deer near her house was justified. Though the woman and all other people living in this area were told that approaching a deer was not safe ad this calm and magical animal could attack too teh woman had other options.

She opened up her window and gave some snacks to the deer. The deer stretched up its neck and took the treats. Soon it began visiting the woman not once but twice a day and Mete didn’t feel alone anymore.

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