The mystery of Michael Jackson’s famous “antigravity tilt” is solved

In 1988 Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” was released. The singer amazed his fans with the smooth trick of antigravity. He bent as much as he could and leaned to 45 degrees. The pop star stayed stable without even shaking and teh fans thought that he was tied with special cables.

However, soon the singer decided to perform the same act live and the fans were speechless. Only after many years Michael Jackson and his shoemaker revealed the secret of the “magic” shoes that held Michael during his trick.

The shoes had rather a thick heels and the heels themselves had triangular recesses on the sole side. The special hooks pulled out off the stage at the right moment and almost “fixed” the singer. Until 1996 the secret hadn’t been revealed.

When the singer came on tour to Russia and performed in the capital his performance went wrong and he couldn’t stay on the stage. After Michael Jackson fell as the shoes didn’t work well the secret was revealed.

Soon the famous shoes went under the hammer for a fabulous 600 thousand dollars.

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