A guardian angel named Khan

A young family decided to bring a dog to their home and leaving their 1-year-old daughter at home they rushed to the shelter.

There they met a black Doberman who conquered their hearts. So the couple liked him very much and brought him home. They named him Khan.

Once the family was having a picnic when the woman needed to leave her sleeping daughter thee and go for some cultery.

Suddenly Khan who was sitting next to the little girl noticed a snake around. He immediately took teh girl from her diaper and put her behind him. The snake managed to bite his paw and as soon as teh couple noticed their fight and how brave the dog made the snake surrender they felt proud and checked whethe their dog was ok or not.

Seeing his injury they immediately took teh dog to teh hospital where teh doctors said that they were on time and nothing treathened Khan’s life.

After they returned home, Khan rushed to the nursery to see the little girl. FRom that day on, the family prepared a special space for the dog who would always stay with their little one.

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