Sylvester Stallone’s special son is now 40, how his fate turned out, and what he is doing now.

Have you ever known that besides his daughters Sylvester Stallone also has a son?

Sylvester Stallone was diagnosed with “autism” when he was a kid. But soon he overcame the disease and everything was ok with him. The speech problems are connected not to the disease but to his birth trauma. After a long time, the same diagnosis touched the actor but with another context.

When Sylvester and his first wife Sasha Czack welcomed their second child they were too happy. However, soon the child was diagnosed with “autism.” However, the boy even played the role of Rocky’s son.

He was named Sergio. The boy had communication and speech problems. Though many doctors worked with Sergio nothing helped him so much. The couple couldn’t face so many problems and they divorced.

But Sylvester helped his ex-wife financially and often visited his sons.

Unfortunately, the other son of Sylvester passed away very early. But Sergio is 40 now.

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