The dog was completely exhausted and she was crying from hunger and loneliness. The owner decided to simply get rid of her

When this greyhound was found by a kind-hearted Samaritan she was in an awful situation. The man called an animal rights activist Tina Soller.

Tina Soller is a warm-hearted woman who moved to live in Spain to open a center for animal rescue.

The greyhound also known as Spanish galgo was emaciated and as skinny as a skeleton. She was named Matilda. First she didn’t trust anyone and even tried to attack Tina who cared for ehr a lot. So teh kind woman knew that she needed time and when the right time came Matilda and Tina became close.

Soon she managed to find a new forever home for the dog. Tina hoped that Matilda would never be at the previous condition that she was found again.

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