A puppy of unknown breed fell as if from the sky into the family yard

A very unusual thing happened in an Australian family. Children were playing in teh yard when out of the blue a puppy fell from the sky.

They rushed and told their parents about teh puppy. The dad saw the dog and thought that he was lost and soon his mother would appear. But as no one appeared even after a long time they took the puppy to the veterinary clinic.

The dog was neither a dog’s nor a fox’s cub. It was pure dingo. Though such a breed recently was mixed with other dogs Wandy was a pure dingo.

The vet also found claw marks on the dingo’s back so they thought that some large bird was carrying the little puppy when it suddenly dropped him in teh family’s yard. So teh children were right. The family decided to bring the dingo home and named the pup Wandy.

When Wandy grows up, he will help revive the purebred dingo population.

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