Strange sound leads woman to baby deer asking for help

Usually, fawns are born from April to July. In the first days of their lives, the little ones often stay alone as their mother looks for food in the forest.

At that time the little ones are roaming alone and those who find them think that they are helpless and need to be taken care of. So they become “fawn-nappers” unintentionally.

Recently Dawn Rasmussen and her husband found a fawn. The first thing they did was check whether the fawn’s mother was around or not.

Soon they took the fawn to teh vet where it turned out that the little one wasn’t taken care of by her mother for a long time. Probably teh mother passed away so the little one needed their care.

They named her Thor and decided to keep her as a pet. They made a wide enclosure for Thor so that she could feel in her natural habitat.

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