The family opened a business to employ their son with autism

Sometimes your child can get only your support and attention.

Our society treats autistic people with sympathy and even sympathy, but it does not perceive them as equal people with any or useful skills for everyday life.

That’s why the Dary family had another solution for their autistic son’s employment. As he had some problems during finding a job his father and brother had other plans. His father had been a businessman for a long time and his brother graduated from a business school recently.

The family decided to open up such a business that will allow autistic people to work equally without any discriminative arguments.

They opened their car wash ad now employ as many as 35 autistic people. Andrew got involved in his work so much that he had some behavioral changes too. Autistic people are against change and love to do the same things over and over again. After finding a job and working in their car wash Andrew began trying new food which was a new beginning too.

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