The vet opens the sick cat’s stomach and makes an “unbelievable” discovery

Charleston Animal Society told a story about a cat named Juliet and two others. They were brought to the shelter in an awful situation.

Juliet and the two others were abandoned by their owner who moved from the state. The poor ones were left alone until a kind Samaritan found them.

Juliet’s situation was the worst. At first, the cat seemed fine but soon the vet found that she had an unusual blockage in her stomach that would probably kill her. She stopped eating and became more lethargic.

Dr. Jamison performed surgery and removed the “unbelievable blockage.”

It turned out that the poor cat’s stomach was filled with dozens of hair ties clogging it. Dr. Jamison was shocked as he removed 38 hair ties from Juliet’s stomach.

The vet did everything to save the cat’s life but poor Juliet passed away. She was not suffering during her last days, but she did succumb to this tragic accident.

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