109 years old Scottish woman shared the secret of longevity

Jessie Gallan is the oldest resident of Scotland who recently celebrated her 109th birthday.

She spent her last years at a nursing home. Recently she and her friend were eating a cake and drinking a coffee when she decided to open up the secrets of her long life.

The woman told her friend that she stayed away from men all her life and this helped her to live so long as men create more problems for women than they solve.

Besides teh woman also told that the oatmeal that she had been eating all her life in the mornings also helped her very much.

The nursing home employee told that though the woman had a tough life and had to work from the age of 13 she is full of energy. Other women and men at the nursing home envy the woman for her activity.

“It is so amazing to see the modern world. It is completely different than the one in which I grew up, ”summarizes the oldest resident of Scotland.

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