Dad spends 30 hours on a tattoo to match his son’s unique birthmark and give him confidence

Canadian resident Derek Prue Sr. wanted to support his son Derek Jr. as much as he could. The little boy was a bit embarrassed about his features so the dad rushed to help.

Derek Prue Sr. got a tattoo similar to his son’s birthmark. As soon as the father noticed that his child was refusing to take off his T-shirt in the pool he knew that he needed to take some steps.

So teh man went to the tattoo salon Juicy Quill Tattoo and wanted to have the same “birthmark” tattoo as his son. He spent 30 hours there but the results were satisfying.

The little boy was shocked to see his dad’s tattoo and from that day on could feel more confident. They attended pools together and without being ashamed the boy took off his T-shirt.

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