Little sea lion crawled to people for help

At the very beginning of February 2016 in one of the seafood restaurants in the US state of California, an amazing accident happened.

Employees of an institution called “Sea World”, located on the Pacific coast in the city of San Diego, found a sweet little sea lion sitting quietly on a seat.

Its eyes were pending for help ad it was too emaciated. After the vet examined the sea lion it turned out that the little critter was 8 months old and was extremely malnourished and its body was dehydrated.

Though the sea lion’s life was under a great threat the animal pretectors did everything in their power to help the little creature survive.

2months later, the sea lioness  who was given the name Marina (translated from Latin: sea), was 10 months old and was feeling quiet better than before. Her life was in no danger anymore.

Soon rescuers decided it was time to return the girl back where she belonged.

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