Paralyzed Stray Cat Walks Again After Being Rescued Off The Stree

The life of stray animals is horrible and can affect their health very awfully.

A black and white cat from California had a tough life spent on the streets and survived as there were kind people frequently feeding him. He survived in such a way until a good Samaritan noticed that she was unable to use his hind legs and reached out to Hope For Paws for help.

Katie McKittrick and Alex Babcock were sent to rescue the cat. With the help of the family who kept feeding her, they managed to lure the cat and took him to the appropriate place.

After the vet examined the cat it turned out that he didn’t even suffer any spinal damage or another injury. The cat was named Autumn.

Soon it turned out that the poor cat was just suffering from an obstructed bladder and urinary crystals. The vet began his attentive care and treatment.

After a few days, the cat could stand on his feet and move on quickly. Now he is ready to meet his new and forever home.

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