The most generous boss: in India, the boss gave his employees 1260 cars and 400 apartments

One of the Indian diamond sales companies amazed the world’s other companies.

The leader of Hare Krishna Exports is a perfect etalon for other bosses of the world. Though all the employees know that their boss is strict and never generous this one is special. Too special! Want to know why, continue reading.

As the man’s company operates in seventy countries around the world and generates income on a global scale the head of the such company should be generous to his employees.

In 2014, Savci Dholakia gave more than a thousand cars and four hundred worthy apartments as a gift to his employees.

This man has been different from others all his life not only in businesses but also in his family. Though his actions are unusual they are extremely logical.

Being so rich he never spoils his children and rais them as usual kids. In their turn, the children support their father and claim;

“I was born into a prestigious, privileged family, where relatives got everything, no matter the cost. They are used to it. My father decided to give me a chance to understand how ordinary people get money and how they live. I really wanted to understand this and check whether I am worthy of something.”

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