A Nurse Cat is the Source of Comfort and Hope for the Patients in Look Ahead Veterinary Hospital

Not only do humans need someone in the hospital to comfort them but also animals do.

When we are at the hospital we are either in an accident or have some disease. So the stress won’t leave us until we get good news about our health. At such difficult times, we need someone to rely on. Someone who will comfort us and will motivate us.

A veterinary hospital in Oroville provides its visitors with a nursing cat that will comfort any other creature. Look Ahead Veterinary Hospital has their precious Bea who can make everyone calm no matter whether it is a goat, a pig, or a chicken. The cat’s heart is open to all of them.

The cat approaches the cages and sympathizes with them as if saying; “Hey, I’ve been there before.’ She just sympathizes with them.”

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