Cat Woman: How a woman with an unusual appearance looked before plastic surgery

In her youth and youth, our heroine, Jocelyn Wildenstein, had an exceptional appearance — the girl was an incredible beauty. As her friends recall, Jocelyn has always had worthy candidates for her hand and heart.

And so, one day on her way she met a man who was closely connected with the world of cinema. He began to introduce the girl to his friends from this area, and she was completely imbued with a lifestyle marked “glamour”. Of course, in the movies, all the actresses were just perfect, and Wildenstein wanted to become like them, although she was attractive.

From that moment on, the girl began her pursuit of an imaginary ideal. But only the girl’s body began to oppose such innovations.

When the girl realized that her appearance had changed beyond recognition, she decided to make herself a kind of brand.

No matter how much she tried to somehow improve the situation, nothing worked. At the moment, medicine has stepped far forward, but that’s just not worth the risk.

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